Sturdy and very fast: The belt driven linear actuator ELGA-TB will master your tasks without breaking a sweat. Its internal guides (recirculating ball bearing, roller and sliding guides) and sturdy cover strip make it the perfect choice to handle even your toughest application.

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Drive pinion effective diameter 28.65 mm
Working stroke 500 mm
Size 70
Stroke reserve 0 mm
Toothed belt elongation 0.00213
Toothed belt pitch 3 mm
Type code ELGA
Mounting position Any
Guide Recirculating ball bearing guide
Design Electromechanical linear axiswith toothed belt
Motor type Servo motorStepper motor
Measuring principle of linear potentiometer Incremental
Max. acceleration 50 m/s²
Max. speed 5 m/s
Repetition accuracy ±0.08 mm
Duty cycle 1
Degree of protection IP40
Ambient temperature -10 °C … 60 °C
2nd moment of area Iy 146050 mm⁴
2nd moment of area Iz 459290 mm⁴
Max. driving torque 5.02 Nm
Max. force Fy 1500 N
Max. force Fz 1850 N
Max. torque Mx 16 Nm
Max. torque My 132 Nm
Max. torque Mz 132 Nm
Max. feed force Fx 350 N
No-load driving torque 0.6 Nm
Torsion moment of inertia It 103880 mm⁴
Mass moment of inertia JH per meter of stroke 0.19 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JL per kg of payload 2.05 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JO 2.43 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JW for additional slide 1.86 kgcm²
Feed constant 90 mm/U
Lubrication interval, distance dependent 1000 km
Slide weight 900 g
Additional slide weight 740 g
Additional weight per 10 mm stroke 39 g
Basic weight with 0 mm stroke 2970 g
Profile material AnodizedWrought aluminum alloy
Note on materials Contains paint-wetting impairment substancesRoHS-compliant
Cover strip material Stainless steel strip
Drive cover material Wrought aluminum alloyAnodized
Slide carriage material Stainless steel
Guide rail material Stainless steel
Belt pulley material High-alloy stainless steel
Slide material Wrought aluminum alloyAnodized
Toothed belt clamping component material Cast stainless steel
Toothed belt material Polychloroprene with glass cord and nylon coating

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