Founded in the Great Lakes region in 1967, NOSHOK Inc. has since moved their operations further south to Ohio, but the quality of their products has only improved over time. NOSHOK is best known for constantly innovating in their field, and they were among the first to embrace liquid filled pressure gauges.

Throughout their history, NOSHOK has been the first company to introduce a trouble shooter pointer on their gauges, as well as the first to offer gauges with SST connections on them. Since 1973, NOSHOK has been providing extended three-year warranties on their pressure gauges, demonstrating just how much faith they have in their products.

To this day, the company’s expertise for pressure gauges is still one of their defining characteristics, and they offer a variety of them for customers that work in a range of different fields. The company produces four different kinds of pressure gauges: dial indicating, digital, sanitary, and differential models.

While their gauges are all made to superior construction standards, NOSHOK is also known for being one of the more affordable manufacturers in their field. Their competitive rates help make them a favorite amongst American pneumatic manufacturers, especially for customers on a budget.

NOSHOK offers a variety of gauges with an extensive portfolio to choose from, ensuring that they have many standardized solutions for their customers. If they don't have what you need, then the company will be more than willing to work with you to modify one of their existing designs into what you need.

With over 50 years of experience, NOSHOK is one of the best premier manufacturers of pneumatic gauges in America, and they have retained their innovative spirit to this very day.

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