Air Logic

Family owned and operated, Air Logic is a division of Knapp Manufacturing Inc, specializing in precision plastic injecting and molding. Bringing quality, reliable, and affordable pneumatic and vacuum control components to the industry since its founding in 1975.

We offer a huge selection of AirLogic Components below:

Some of the reasons we choose to partner Air Logic,

Every orifice restrictor is precision molded, miniature, affordable and designed for pneumatic control circuits. With each series offering a wide range of port options and orifice sizing to chose from. Which makes finding a restrictor simple and easy.

Filters are low cost, effective, and disposable. Designed to extend the life of your more valuable components, these filters are easy to install and available in a large variety of different configurations common for pneumatic systems.

These effective and innovative design choices are found in every Air Logic component we carry, that along with their reliability gives us confidence in every build and every sale.

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