The LR Series is the most advanced LED Signal Tower line to date. Delivering superior visibility and sound for unambiguous indication, robust construction for harsh, wet environments, and a modular system for easy customizations, the LR Series is equipped to solve the most challenging applications.


Visibility - Exceptional Light Brilliance

With a new re-designed lens and improved light module construction, the LR series provides brilliant, even light for visibility at further distances.

Audibility - No Holes, No Compromises

A re-engineered, completely enclosed sound module maintains substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound.

Simplicity - Convenient Modular Assembly

Simple “Twist and Lock” system makes it easy to customize and reconfigure light and sound modules.

Durability - Rugged Never Looked Better

A sleek, smooth form factor and an enhanced body construction makes the LR well-suited for harsher environments.

Model R Y G B C 5 LR6 B W 02 WJ ø60mm Model Code


1 Tiers

2 Rated Voltage

3 Mounting/Wiring

4 Flashing/Buzzer

5 Body Color

6 LED Module Color

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