Coast Pneumatics offers a wide range of airline equipment for sensing, regulation and filtration.  Browse our offerings below including air filters, regulators, lubricators, instrumentation and other pneumatic system products.


Combination Unit

Ensure your compressed air quality with our FRL combination units. Filter moisture and particles, Regulate with high precision, and lubricate over a wide airflow with our two and three unit modular combinations. All of our FRL units come standard with a pressure gauge and bowl guard. Our combination units are available in many options and in sizes from 10/32 to 1” port sizes.


Air Regulators

Regulate downstream pressure with high precision. Our air pressure regulators are available in pre-set, relieving and non-relieving options. All MAR series regulators come standard with a pressure gauge and are available in 10/32 to 1” ports.

Airline FIlter


Remove particles and contaminants from your airlines with our pneumatic air filters. Our air filters are available in a multitude of micron filtration, 5um, 0.3um, and 0.01um and are available in manual or automatic drain options. All air filters come standard with a bowl guard for durability.

Shut Off Valves

Shut Off Valve

Keep your air system safe with our pressure shut-off valves. Ideal for isolating supplied pressures and exhausting downstream pressures for emergency or maintenance purposes. Our 3 way shut-off valves are available with a solenoid valve operator or a manual operator that includes a locking hole.



Reduce noise from exhausting equipment with our exhaust mufflers. Made out of high quality sintered bronze and brass for durability. Available in 10/32 and 1/8” npt.



Minimize downtime and keep your pneumatic circuit running like a well “lubed” machine with our lubricators. Ensure sufficient system lubrication by easily adjusting the oil drop rate to your equipment specifications. Available in 1/8 – 1” ports.

Drain Trap

Drain Trap

Save on maintenance expenses by removing water particles from your system with our drain traps. Our drain traps have a large bowl designed for faster water collection and drainage. Available in ½” inlet and 3/8” outlet ports.