The reasonably priced actuator family ELGC allows you to realize incredibly compact dimensions and make the most of your installation space – for small parts handling, desktop applications and much more. The belt driven linear actuator offers precise, durable rail guidance.

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Drive pinion effective diameter 24.83 mm
Working stroke 2000 mm
Size 60
Stroke reserve 0 mm
Toothed belt elongation 0.00124
Toothed belt pitch 3 mm
Type code ELGC
Mounting position Any
Guide Recirculating ball bearing guide
Design with toothed beltElectromechanical linear axis
Motor type Servo motorStepper motor
Symbol 991212
Measuring principle of linear potentiometer Incremental
Max. acceleration 15 m/s²
Max. speed 1.5 m/s
Repetition accuracy ±0.1 mm
Duty cycle 1
Degree of protection IP40
Ambient temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
2nd moment of area Iy 441000 mm⁴
2nd moment of area Iz 542000 mm⁴
Max. driving torque 1.49 Nm
Max. force Fy 600 N
Max. no-load resistance to shifting 15.6 N
Max. torque Mx 29.1 Nm
Max. torque My 31.8 Nm
Max. torque Mz 31.8 Nm
Max. feed force Fx 120 N
No-load driving torque 0.194 Nm
Torsion moment of inertia It 29800 mm⁴
Mass moment of inertia JH per meter of stroke 0.0851 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JL per kg of payload 1.5411 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JO 0.8804 kgcm²
Feed constant 78 mm/U
Moving mass 482 g
Moving mass at 0 mm stroke 482 g
Slide weight 139 g
Additional weight per 10 mm stroke 43 g
Basic weight with 0 mm stroke 1775 g
Product weight 10280 g
Interface code, actuator T42
Material of end caps Die cast aluminum, painted
Profile material Wrought aluminum alloy, anodized
Note on materials RoHS-compliantContains paint-wetting impairment substances
Cover strip material Stainless steel strip
Drive cover material Die cast aluminum, painted
Slide carriage material Tempered steel
Guide rail material Tempered steel
Belt pulley material High-alloy stainless steel
Slide material Die-cast aluminum
Toothed belt material Polychloroprene with glass fiber

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