Compact servo drive for point-to-point and interpolating motion, suitable for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be integrated directly into system environments of different control manufacturers.

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Type code CMMT-AS
Fieldbus interface, function Bus connection, incoming/forwardingEtherCAT® slave
Fieldbus interface, transmission rate 100 Mbit/s
Mounting position VerticalFree convection
Information on max. installation height 1% power reduction/100 m above 1000 m.
Ethernet interface, protocol TCP/IP
Ethernet interface, function Parameterization and commissioning
Encoder interface, function EnDat® 2.2 encoderSIN/COS encoderIncremental encoderEnDat® 2.1 encoderHiperface encoderNikon
Fieldbus interface, connection technology RJ45
Mains types TTITTN
Protection class I
Encoder interface 2, function SIN/COS encoderIncremental encoder
Fieldbus interface, protocol EtherCAT
Overvoltage category III
Synchronization interface, function CW/CCW counting signalsEncoder input A/B/ZEncoder emulation A/B/ZPulse/direction signals CLK/DIR
Fieldbus interface, connection type 2x socket
Number of high-speed switching outputs 2
Number of floating switching outputs 1
Number of inputs for motor temperature sensor 1
Number of diagnostic outputs 2
Max. current of the floating switching outputs 50 mA
Max. continuous output of the external braking resistor (IEC) 180 W
Pulse energy for braking resistor 230 Ws
Number of high-speed logic inputs 2
System voltage to EN 61800-5-1 300 V
Max. short circuit protection of mains 100 kA
Braking resistor nominal power (IEC) 23 W
Max. voltage drop from logic supply to brake output 0.8 V
Number of safe 2-pin inputs 2
Time resolution of high-speed logic inputs 1 µs
Max. current consumption for logic supply with parking brake 1.5 A
Time resolution of high-speed switching outputs 1 µs
Max. installation height 2000 m
Active PFC no
Controller operating mode Cascade controlPI current regulator for F or MP position controllerPI speed controllerSynchronous operating modesProfile operation with block mode and direct modeReference travelAutotuningSetup modeInterpolating mode via fieldbus
Mode of operation Field-oriented regulation2x input capture (x, v, F)1x SYNC interface for encoder emulation or encoder inputPosition resolution 24 bit/rev.Real-time data acquisition2x output trigger (x, v, F)2x position sensor inputPWM with 8 or 16 KHzSampling rate 16 kHzVector modulation with 3rd harmonic
Line filter Integrated
Safety function Safe stop 1 (SS1)Safe torque off (STO)Safe brake control (SBC)
Safety integrity level (SIL) Safe brake control (SBC)/SIL 3/SILCL 3Safe torque off (STO)/SIL 3/SILCL 3
Performance Level (PL) Safe brake control (SBC)/category 3, performance level eSafe torque off (STO)/category 4, performance level e
Display LED green/yellow/red
Control elements Optional: CDSB operating unit
Output frequency 0 Hz … 599 Hz
Output voltage range AC 3x (0 – input) V
Braking resistor, external 100 Ohm … 160 Ohm
Braking resistor, integrated 100 Ohm
Diagnostic coverage 0.97
Characteristics of digital logic outputs Diagnostic outputs in some casesNot galvanically isolatedFreely configurable in some cases
Hardware fault tolerance 1
Impedance of setpoint input 70 kOhm
Pulse power of braking resistor 1.6 kVA
Max. current of digital logic outputs 20 mA
Max. length of motor cable without ext. mains filter 25 m
Max. peak current duration 2 s
Max. DC link voltage 395 V
Nominal operating voltage AC 230 V
Input voltage range AC 100 V … 230 V
Controller nominal power 350 VA
Nominal voltage, logic supply DC 24 V
Nominal voltage, load supply DC 320 V
Nominal current load supply 2.8 A
Nominal current per phase, effective 0.0833333333333333
Mains frequency 48 Hz … 62 Hz
Nominal operating voltage phases 1-phase
SFF safe failure fraction 0.99
Peak power 1000 VA
Peak current, load supply 8.4 A
Peak current per phase, effective 0.25
Surge resistance 6 kV
Max. current consumption for logic supply without clamping brake 0.5 A
Max. current consumption for logic supply with clamping brake and I/O 2.3 A
Contamination level 2
Load supply permissible range -1.33333333333333
Permissible range of logic voltage ± 20 %
Permissible voltage fluctuations -1.33333333333333
Certificate issuing authority UL E33113001/205/5640.00/18
CE marking (see declaration of conformity) As per EU low voltage directiveAs per EU RoHS directiveAs per EU EMC directiveas per EU machinery directive
Storage temperature -25 °C … 55 °C
Relative air humidity 5 – 90 %Non-condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
Note on ambient temperature Above an ambient temperature of 40 °C, the power must be reduced by 3%/°C.
UL-ambient temperature 0 °C … 40 °C
Certification RCM compliance markc UL us – Listed (OL)
Product weight 1300 g
Number of analog setpoint inputs 1
Number of digital logic outputs 24 V DC 6
Number of digital logic inputs 12
Communication profile EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)CiA402FoE (File over EtherCAT)CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT)
Process interfacing Interpolated mode CSVInterpolated mode CSTInterpolated mode CSPI/O mode for 256 positioning blocks
Logic input specification Based on IEC 61131-2, type 3
Work range of logic input -3 V … 30 V
Work range of setpoint input ± 10 V
Operating range of analog inputs ± 10 V
Encoder interface output, characteristics max. 16348 ppr1 MHz maximum output frequency
Encoder interface input, characteristics 1 MHz maximum output frequency1 MHz maximum output frequency
Characteristics of setpoint inputs Configurable for current/forceDifferential inputsConfigurable for rotational speed
Characteristics of logic input Freely configurable in some casesSafety inputs in some casesNot galvanically isolated
Input switching logic PNP (positive switching)
Switching logic at outputs PNP (positive switching)
Fieldbus coupling EtherCAT
Type of mounting Mounting plate, screwed on
Note on materials RoHS-compliantContains paint-wetting impairment substances

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