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Dimensions W x L x H 75.9 mm x 124.3 mm x 82.5 mm
Power supply, type of connection Terminal strip
Vibration resistance Transport application test with severity level 1 as per FN 942017-4 and EN 60068-2-6
Ethernet interface, protocol EasyIPTCP/IPModbus® TCP
Fieldbus interface, connection type 2x socket
Storage medium USB memory stick <= 32 GBMicro SD <= 32 GB
Fieldbus interface 2, protocol EtherCAT Master
Note on ambient temperature -5 – 60 °C for vertical installation
Fieldbus interface 2, connection type Socket
Intrinsic current consumption at nominal operating voltage for electronics/sensors Typically 150 mA
Ethernet interface, connection technology RJ45
Fieldbus interface 2, connection technology RJ45
Fieldbus interface 2, connection pattern 995789
Fieldbus interface, connection pattern 995789
Power supply, connection pattern 995847
Fieldbus interface, function Bus connection, incoming/forwarding
Ethernet interface, transmission rate 10 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s
Power supply, function Electronics and sensors
USB interface USB 2.0
Fieldbus interface 2, transmission rate 100 Mbit/s
Fieldbus interface 2, galvanic isolation yes
Power supply, information on conductor diameter 0.2 – 2.5 mm² for flexible conductors without cable end sleeves
Ethernet interface, function SwitchDiagnostics
System parameter System startDiagnostic memoryFail-safe response
Fieldbus interface 2, function Bus connection, forwarding
Ethernet interface, connection pattern 995789
Fieldbus interface, connection technology RJ45
Power supply, connection technology Spring-loaded terminal
Fieldbus interface, protocol PROFINET IO
Fieldbus interface 2, type Ethernet
Shock resistance Shock test with severity level 1 as per FN 942017-5 and EN 60068-2-27
Module parameters Undervoltage diagnosticsAnalog module process value representationChannel alarm bundlingChannel alarms for undervoltage
Ethernet interface, connection type 2x socket
Diagnostics via LED Network errorEtherCAT network statusMaintenance requiredRunLoad power supplyNetwork status, port 2System faultPower supply for electronics/sensorsEngineering port 2 network statusForce modeNetwork status, port 1Network status, engineering port 1
Fieldbus interface 2, number of poles/wires 8
Ethernet interface, number of poles/wires 8
Nominal operating voltage DC for electronics/sensors 24 V
Power supply, number of pins/wires 4
Fieldbus interface, number of poles/wires 8
Fieldbus interface, max. address volume for outputs 512 byte
Fieldbus interface, max. address volume for inputs 512 byte
Max. number of modules 10
Power supply, conductor diameter 0.2 mm² … 1.5 mm²
Width dimension 18.9 mm
Type code CPX-E
CPU data Dual core 766 MHz512 MB RAM
Configuration support GSDML fileCODESYS V3Operator unit CDSB
Additional functions CODESYS V3
Control elements DIL switch for RUN/STOPOptional: CDSB operating unit
Processing time Approx. 200 µs/1 k instruction
IP address setting Via CODESYSOptional: via CDSB operating unitDHCP
Function blocks and othersRead CPX-E module diagnosticsCopying of CPX-E diagnostic traceCPX-E diagnostic status
Max. power supply 0.333333333333333
Flag 120 kB remanent dataCODESYS variable concept
Power failure buffering 20 ms
Programming software CODESYS provided by Festo
Program memory 12 MB user program
CE marking (see declaration of conformity) As per EU EMC directive
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 0 – No corrosion stress
Storage temperature -20 °C … 70 °C
Relative air humidity Non-condensing95 %
Protection against direct and indirect contact PELV
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature -5 °C … 50 °C
Certification c UL us – Listed (OL)RCM compliance mark
Product weight 288 g
Max. address capacity outputs 64 byte
Max. address capacity inputs 64 byte
Fieldbus interface, galvanic isolation yes
Fieldbus interface, transmission rate 100 Mbit/s
Fieldbus interface, type Ethernet
Type of mounting With H-rail
Note on materials Contains paint-wetting impairment substancesRoHS-compliant
Housing material PA

Coast Pneumatics

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