The high-precision EGSK ball screw linear actuator impresses with its excellent repetition accuracy and high rigidity while also being highly compact.

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Working stroke 75 mm
Size 20
Reversing backlash ≤ 20 µm
Screw diameter 6 mm
Spindle pitch 1 mm/U
Type code EGSK
Mounting position Any
Guide Recirculating ball bearing guide
Design Electromechanical linear axiswith ball screw drive
Homing Reference switch
Spindle type Ball screw drive
Symbol 991211
Max. acceleration 10 m/s²
Max. speed 0.19 m/s
Repetition accuracy ±0.01 mm
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 0 – No corrosion stress
Degree of protection IP10
Ambient temperature 0 °C … 40 °C
Fixed bearing dynamic basic load rating 1000 N
Linear guide dynamic basic load rating 2849 N
Dynamic basic load rating, ball screw drive 660 N
2nd moment of area Iy 6100 mm⁴
2nd moment of area Iz 62000 mm⁴
Max. force Fy 1389 N
Max. force Fz 1389 N
Max. torque Mx 18.1 Nm
Max. torque My 5.8 Nm
Max. torque Mz 5.8 Nm
Max. feed force Fx 69 N
No-load driving torque 0.005 Nm
Ball screw drive statistical basic load rating 1170 N
Linear guide statistical basic load rating 6300 N
Mass moment of inertia JH per meter of stroke 0.01 kgcm²
Mass moment of inertia JO 8.7E-4 kgcm²
Feed constant 1 mm/U
Statistical fixed bearing load rating 1240 N
Reference value, running performance 500 km
Moving mass 64 g
Slide weight 64 g
Additional slide weight 64 g
Additional weight per 10 mm stroke 27 g
Basic weight with 0 mm stroke 380 g
Product weight 583 g
Type of mounting With internal thread and dowel pin
Material of end caps CoatedDie-cast aluminum
Profile material High-alloy stainless steel
Note on materials Contains paint-wetting impairment substancesRoHS-compliant
Drive cover material Die-cast aluminumCoated
Slide material Steel
Spindle nut material Steel
Spindle material Steel

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