Gearbox range coordinated with Festo stepper and servo motors, as straight-cut planetary gears or bevel gears.

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Gearbox flange size 120 mm
Motor flange size 140 mm
Torsional backlash 0.12 deg
Type code EMGA
Gearbox type Planetary gear
Gear ratio 0.209027777777778
Max. actuator speed 6500 1/min
Gearbox operating temperature -25 °C … 90 °C
Degree of protection IP54
Continuous output torque 195 Nm
Mass moment of inertia, gearbox 1.53 kgcm²
Max. output torque 312 Nm
Max. efficiency 0.98
Torsional rigidity 12 Nm/arcmin
Product weight 6000 g
Gearbox interface, output shaft 120G
Gearbox interface, actuator 140A
Note on materials RoHS-compliant

Coast Pneumatics

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