LinkTech has long been one of the most impressive companies in the pneumatic coupling industry, and their relatively recent acquisition by the Nordson Corporation in 2016 has breathed new life into them. LinkTech, now operating through Nordson, creates quality quick-connect couplings that are far easier to use than those made by competitors.

Unlike other couplings, which require the use of tools to take apart or connect, LinkTech's couplings are far easier to use because of their quick-connect design. Their coupling designs use a thumb-latch design which ensures that they can be connected and disconnected by hand while remaining secure.

The tightness of the fit is essential in pneumatic couplings because a leak could cause the whole system to fail through a loss of power. Ensuring that pneumatic couplings feature a secure fit yet are easy to work with is a challenge that many companies in the industry have had to face, and LinkTech has an excellent solution.

Through superior build quality, LinkTech has long assured that their products are more secure than the competition without sacrificing any of their famed convenience. The thumb latch is as simple as ever to use, and it ensures that the user won't have any problems with installation or when the time comes to take the couplings apart.

LinkTech and Nordson

Keep in mind that LinkTech is no longer a company in their own right, and since being acquired by Nordson, they now operate under the Nordson name. The company is now typically referred to as Nordson MEDICAL-LinkTech, and they have since become the world’s largest maker of quick-connect couplings.

LinkTech was founded in 2005, and since that time they have grown immensely, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. As befits one of the largest companies in their field, Nordson MEDICAL-LinkTech's products are all built to exceptional standards, and they are durable enough to last a long time.

What Makes their Couplings Better?

A more reliable and resilient product will end up saving you money in the long run, and the same can be said for the quick couplings that are made by LinkTech. While they may be a little more expensive than basic linkages, LinkTech's products are also built with more care and with better materials.

When they first started out, LinkTech only had five product series on offer, but since then, the company has expanded to over twenty different lines, all with different purposes and styles. From more affordable designs to those made with high-end materials, you’ll find a wide range of products on offer.

There are a few features that make LinkTech’s couplings better than the products that they’re up against. For example, unlike other models, their couplings emit an audible click when they are attached, so that you know they’re secure and that you won’t have any pneumatic leaks to put up with.

Unlike other quick-connect couplings, the ones made by LinkTech feature a thumb latch that can be used with a single hand, leaving the other one free to hold tools or to steady you. LinkTech’s couplings also work with other thumb-latch designs, as they feature a universal and interchangeable design.

A universal design means that you can implement these couplings into an existing system or you can use them with thumb-latch couplings that you may already have lying around. Combined with the affordable cost of these couplings, this feature helps you save even more money on your project.

A Few Other Impressive Features

There are a few different features that are implemented in LinkTech's quick-connect couplings that help them resist leakage, ensuring that you don't have any malfunctions due to lack of pressure. For example, the integral end points in the couplings guarantee that air won't be able to escape them.

Another feature that exists to reduce the likelihood of leaks in these couplings is the O-ring seal design. This means that LinkTech's couplings use rubber o-rings to ensure that there aren't any spots through which air will be able to escape, maintaining a constant pressure through the pneumatic system.

You also won’t have to worry about the couplings rotating while they’re connected, as they can spin freely while maintaining pressure. Depending on the type of couplings you purchase, you’ll find that the latches themselves can be made of either metal or plastic, and some have the choice of both.

Couplings can also be dyed various colors for customers who need color-coding so that they can keep everything in order. LinkTech also offers to change the material that the o-rings are made out of at the customer’s discretion. Those who need custom orders can feel free to contact LinkTech and inquire further.

Coupling Materials

LinkTech produces couplings that are made of a variety of materials, and the right one will depend on your needs. For example, some of their most popular couplings are made out of plastic, which are durable enough for light-duty work, and they have the benefit of being more affordable than other materials.

Beyond plastic, some of LinkTech’s couplings are made out of metal, which provides you with additional durability at the expense of a higher price. Metal couplings are ideal for industrial applications or other uses where durability and long-term reliability are the most crucial aspects.

The final material that their couplings are made of is polypropylene, which is more resistant to moisture absorption and it is also more resilient than other kinds of plastic. Unfortunately, it is also a little more expensive than standard plastic, but the advantages it provides are worth the extra cost, especially in pneumatic systems that see consistent use.

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