Clippard Toggle Valves

Regulate flow of fluid in your process with high-performance toggle valves from Coast Pneumatics.

Toggle valves enable an operator to manually start, stop or throttle media passage in a pneumatic system by flipping or rotating a switch. The device creates the ability to quickly open and close of the valve, which increases safety and enables precise process flow.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of two-, three- and four-way stainless steel, plastic and brass toggle valves for industrial applications. Configurations include normally open and normally closed. A wide variety of sizes, angles, connection types and toggle grades are available to meet customers’ unique needs. The rugged and compact design makes toggle valves ideal for many industries, including packaging, medical, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial processing. Every valve comes backed by the support of our electrical, mechanical, programing and engineering teams.

Partnerships with the world’s foremost toggle valve manufacturers enable our team to meet customer specifications at the best quality and price. We strive to understand each consumer's needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions.

Find the best toggle valve for your process by contacting the experts at Coast Pneumatics. We are available around the clock to help customers find the top toggle valve for their application.

  • Manually start, stop or throttle fluid
  • Two-, three- and four-way
  • Metal or plastic toggles
  • Wide variety of sizes, angles, connection types
  • Straight and angle patterns
  • Rugged, compact design