Rotary Actuators

Power your operation with a rotary actuator from Coast Pneumatics.

Rotary actuators produce rotational torque from electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, which provides power necessary to lift, turn, bend, steer or clamp objects. The devices generate high instantaneous torque in either direction, making them widely used in precision-control systems, heavy-duty machine tools and industries including automotive, marine and aerospace.

Rotary actuators are compact and proficient, making them ideal for operations with limited space but high productivity. Most rotary actuators are fully enclosed, which enables use in clean-room environments and increased longevity by protecting internal components from dust, dirt and moisture.

When searching for a rotary actuator, consider the torque needed to complete the task. Output torque is the maximum rotational force applied by the actuator, while demand torque is the amount of power required to do the job. Rotary actuators are available in myriad sizes and power outputs.

At Coast Pneumatics, we strive to understand each customer’s needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions. We have garnered a reputation for original, intimate approaches to matching the correct product with the application.

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  • Generates rotational torque from electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure
  • Lift, turn, bend, steer or clamp objects with rotary actuators
  • Rotary actuators provide compact, efficient power
  • Most rotary actuators are fully enclosed