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The F-950 Series Filtered Orifice Restrictors are designed for pneumatic control circuits.

Orifice Diameter .004″-.030″
Maximum Supply 100 PSI
Operating Temperture 40°-120° Fahrenheit (4°-49° Celsius)
Housing Material Polysufone
Filter Media 316 Stainless Steel Screen

F-950-5-041-B80 F-950-5-050-B80 F-950-5-051-B80 F-950-5-071-B80 F-950-5-101-B80 F-950-5-121-B80 F-950-5-161-B80 F-950-5-201-B80 F-950-5-251-B80 F-950-5-301-B80 F-950-43-041-B80 F-950-43-050-B80 F-950-43-051-B80 F-950-43-071-B80 F-950-43-101-B80 F-950-43-121-B80 F-950-43-161-B80 F-950-43-201-B80 F-950-43-251-B80 F-950-43-301-B80 F-950-73-041-B80 F-950-73-050-B80 F-950-73-051-B80 F-950-73-071-B80 F-950-73-101-B80 F-950-73-121-B80 F-950-73-161-B80 F-950-73-201-B80 F-950-73-251-B80 F-950-73-301-B80 F-950-5-041-B85 F-950-5-050-B85 F-950-5-051-B85 F-950-5-071-B85 F-950-5-101-B85 F-950-5-121-B85 F-950-5-161-B85 F-950-5-201-B85 F-950-5-251-B85 F-950-5-301-B85 F-950-43-041-B85 F-950-43-050-B85 F-950-43-051-B85 F-950-43-071-B85 F-950-43-101-B85 F-950-43-121-B85 F-950-43-161-B85 F-950-43-201-B85 F-950-43-251-B85 F-950-43-301-B85 F-950-73-041-B85 F-950-73-050-B85 F-950-73-051-B85 F-950-73-071-B85 F-950-73-101-B85 F-950-73-121-B85 F-950-73-161-B85 F-950-73-201-B85 F-950-73-251-B85 F-950-73-301-B85

Port Connection

1/16" I.D. Tubing, 1/8" I.D. Tubing

Orifice Diameter

041, 050, 051, 071, 101, 121, 161, 201, 251, 301

Filter Size

5, 43, 73


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