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AirLogic Products
  • Features
    • Fine Adjustment
    • Miniature Size
    • Plastic Housing
  • Mounting
    • Inline Installation or Panel Mounted
    • Furnished with 2 self tapping screws

F-2822-20 F-2822-20-B80 F-2822-20-B85 F-2822-21 F-2822-21-B80 F-2822-21-B85 F-2822-30 F-2822-30-B80 F-2822-30-B85 F-2822-31 F-2822-31-B80 F-2822-31-B85 F-2822-40 F-2822-40-K F-2822-40K-SS F-2822-40-SS F-2822-40-B80 F-2822-40-B85 F-2822-40-B80-K F-2822-40-B85-K F-2822-40-B80-KSS F-2822-40-B85-KSS F-2822-40-B80-SS F-2822-40-B85-SS F-2822-41 F-2822-41-K F-2822-41-KSS F-2822-41-SS F-2822-41-B80 F-2822-41-B85 F-2822-41-B80-K F-2822-41-B85-K F-2822-41-B80-KSS F-2822-41-B85-KSS F-2822-41-B80-SS F-2822-41-B85-SS F-2822-50 F-2822-50-K F-2822-50-KSS F-2822-50-SS F-2822-50-B85 F-2822-50-B85-K F-2822-50-B85-KSS F-2822-50 B85-SS F-2822-51 F-2822-51-K F-2822-51-KSS F-2822-51-SS F-2822-51-B85 F-2822-51-B85-K F-2822-51-B85-KSS F-2822-51-B85-SS


Phosphor Bronze, Nylon, Polypropylene

Port Connection

Straight Port, 1/16" I.D. Tubing, 1/8" I.D. Tubing


Inline, Panel Mounted


none, Nickle-plated brass adjustment knob, Stainless Steel Knob, Stainless Steel Needle


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