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  • Features
    • Low Cost
    • Subminiature Size
    • Low Differential
    • Snap-Action Switch
    • Fast Response
  • Electrical
    • Switch Action: Single pole, double throw
    • Electrical Rating: 10 AMP is standard; no selection number is required. 0.1 to 25 AMP switches are available; see chart
    • Electrical Switch: UL and CSA Approved, (UL# E12252 N) (CSA File# LR 42370)
    • Electrical Connections: .187″ quick-connect terminal
  • Mechanical
    • Operating Speed: Activate or release in 25 milliseconds
    • Signal Pressure: 29.9″ Hg maximum
    • Adjustment Range: 1 to 28″ Hg
    • Temperature Limits: 40 degrees to 120 degrees F. (4 degrees to 49 degrees C)
  • Materials
    • Housing: Polysulfone
    • Diaphragm: Polyurethane
    • Spring: Stainless Steel or Music Wire

V-5100-5-FM V-5100-10-FM V-5100-28-FM V-5100-5-PM V-5100-10-PM V-5100-28-PM V-5100-5-MM V-5100-10-MM V-5100-28-MM V-5100-5-PT V-5100-10-PT V-5100-28-PT V-5100-5-FM-B85 V-5100-10-FM-B85 V-5100-28-FM-B85 V-5100-5-PM-B85 V-5100-10-PM-B85 V-5100-28-PM-B85 V-5100-5-MM-B85 V-5100-10-MM-B85 V-5100-28-MM-B85 V-5100-5-PT-B85 V-5100-10-PT-B85 V-5100-28-PT-B85 V-5100-5-FM-.1B V-5100-10-FM-.1B V-5100-28-FM-.1B V-5100-5-PM-.1B V-5100-10-PM-.1B V-5100-28-PM-.1B V-5100-5-MM-.1B V-5100-10-MM-.1B V-5100-28-MM-.1B V-5100-5-PT-.1B V-5100-10-PT-.1B V-5100-28-PT-.1B V-5100-5-FM-B85-.1B V-5100-10-FM-B85-.1B V-5100-28-FM-B85-.1B V-5100-5-PM-B85-.1B V-5100-10-PM-B85-.1B V-5100-28-PM-B85-.1B V-5100-5-MM-B85-.1B V-5100-10-MM-B85-.1B V-5100-28-MM-B85-.1B V-5100-5-PT-B85-.1B V-5100-10-PT-B85-.1B V-5100-28-PT-B85-.1B

Port Connection

1/16" I.D. Tubing, 1/8" I.D. Tubing

Mounting Style


Adjustment Range

5, 10, 28

Switch Selection

0.1 Amp, 10 Amp

Coast Pneumatics

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