RV-5200 Series


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Model Number Descriptions
RV-5200-10-XX 0-10 PSI, 10-32 ports
RV-5200-30-XX 0-30 PSI, 10-32 ports
RV-5200-60-XX 0-60 PSI, 10-32 ports
RV-5200-100-XX 0-100 PSI, 10-32 ports

RV-5200-10-W/K RV-5200-10-W/S RV-5200-10-W/OS RV-5200-10-W/K-M RV-5200-10-W/S-M RV-5200-10-W/OS-M RV-5200-10-W/K-B RV-5200-10-W/S-B RV-5200-10-W/OS-B RV-5200-10-W/K-M-B RV-5200-10-W/S-M-B RV-5200-10-W/OS-M-B RV-5200-30-W/K RV-5200-30-W/S RV-5200-30-W/OS RV-5200-30-W/K-M RV-5200-30-W/S-M RV-5200-30-W/OS-M RV-5200-30-W/K-B RV-5200-30-W/S-B RV-5200-30-W/OS-B RV-5200-30-W/K-M-B RV-5200-30-W/S-M-B RV-5200-30-W/OS-M-B RV-5200-60-W/K RV-5200-60-W/S RV-5200-60-W/OS RV-5200-60-W/K-M RV-5200-60-W/S-M RV-5200-60-W/OS-M RV-5200-60-W/K-B RV-5200-60-W/S-B RV-5200-60-W/OS-B RV-5200-60-W/K-M-B RV-5200-60-W/S-M-B RV-5200-60-W/OS-M-B RV-5200-100-W/K RV-5200-100-W/S RV-5200-100-W/OS RV-5200-100-W/K-M RV-5200-100-W/S-M RV-5200-100-W/OS-M RV-5200-100-W/K-B RV-5200-100-W/S-B RV-5200-100-W/OS-B RV-5200-100-W/K-M-B RV-5200-100-W/S-M-B RV-5200-100-W/OS-M-B


10, 30, 60, 100

Adjustment Option

With Knob, With Shaft, Flush Shaft

Manifold Mount

Yes, No

Brass Shaft

No, Yes


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