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The interior of this universal valve has a new design that is an outstanding combination of flow intensity and compact design. Both as an individual valve or as a valve manifold, the entire VUVG family is designed to cater precisely for all requirements.

Valve function 5/3, pressurized
Lap Indefinite overlap
Actuation type Electrical
Valve size 10 mm
Standard nominal flow rate 90 l/min
Pneumatic working port Flange
Operating voltage 24V DC
Operating pressure -0.9 bar … 8 bar
Design Piston gate valve
Reset method Mechanical spring
Degree of protection IP40With plug socketIP65
Certification RCM compliance markc CSA us (OL)c UL us – Recognized (OL)
Nominal width 2 mm
Type code VUVG
Exhaust air function With flow control option
Sealing principle Soft
Mounting position Any
Manual override DetentingNon-detentingCovered
Type of control Pilot-controlled
Pilot air supply port External
Symbol 00991128
Pilot pressure 3 bar … 8 bar
Suitability for vacuum yes
Switching time off 25 ms
On switching time 8 ms
Changeover time 14 ms
Duty cycle 100%
Max. positive test pulse with 0 signal 700 µs
Max. negative test pulse on 1 signal 900 µs
Coil characteristics 24 V DC: low-current phase 0.3 W, high-current phase 1.0 W24 V DC: 1.0 W
Permissible voltage fluctuations +/- 10 %
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Information on operating and pilot media Operation with oil lubrication possible (required for further use)

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