Pilot & Mechanical Valves

Bolster your process flow control with a pilot or mechanical valve from Coast Pneumatics.

Pilot and mechanical valves act as controls for critical applications, allowing pressure or flow to pass through another valve using either a sliding door or poppet. They enable a small force to operate and control a much higher pressure or flow feed. These valves typically contain a spring or press that will open or close a stopper at certain pressures. If the valve opens prematurely or too late, an entire manufacturing process can be adversely affected.

Pilot and mechanical valves come in a wide array of material types, sizes and configurations. They can be mounted directly or remotely.

Our service team values and is committed to every customer. We serve clients small and large from virtually every manufacturing sector. We seek to understand each customer’s needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions. Experts are available around the clock to help fit customers with the best pilot or mechanical valve to fit their process.


  • Maximum flow in a small package
  • Available in 2-Way, 3-Way or 4-Way Configurations
  • Ideal for packing, automated manufacturing and OEM applications
  • Competitively priced