From medical equipment to the food we eat, pneumatics plays a key role during the packaging process of keeping contaminants at bay and preparing the products we use every day for shipment.

Pneumatic devices are widely used in packaging machines to drive motion and actuate machine sequences. It’s a clean, reliable, compact, and lightweight technology that provides cost-effective control and actuation to help packaging machine designers create innovative systems while staying competitive. Pneumatics helps manufacturers keep critical control over processing and create extended usability for packaged products. Managed control in air pressure, temperature quality and an overall increase in efficiency all are possible with pneumatics.

Package your products efficiently and safely using high-quality pneumatic devices from Coast Pneumatics. We are a leading provider of pneumatic devices for packaging applications, and our employees understand the industry and its needs. Meet plumbing requirements with two-, three- and four-way directional control valves, while miniature air pressure regulators offer highly accurate air pressure control when space is limited. Versatile pneumatic cylinders provide economical and compact means of generating linear motion and are clean, safe, and reliable. We carry pneumatic fittings suitable for corrosive environments in a variety of sizes and configurations to connect your packaging device components.

We seek to understand each customer’s needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions. Experts are available around the clock to help customers find the best pneumatic devices for their process.

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