Orifice Fittings

Extend the functionality of flow control orifices with custom orifice fittings from Coast Pneumatics.

Orifice fittings are small and lightweight devices that provide limitless process variation, collect custom data and create design flexibility for a process flow systems. Orifice fittings are installed directly onto a pressure system’s orifice and offer many services, including precision flow control, pneumatic and fluidic actuating times, pneumatic resistance bridging, speed control, flow restriction, variable throttling and flow rate precision metering.

Bolster your operation with orifice fittings, which can reduce bottlenecks, collect accurate data points real time and increase efficiency. Orifice fittings are manufactured in a variety of material types and sizes to accommodate myriad flow systems. Common orifice fittings are durable brass with 10-32 female connections on both ends that are designed for high-pressure use. Orifice fittings are used by a wide range of industries, including mobile equipment, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, marine, medical, aerospace and industrial processing.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of orifice fittings and has developed partnerships with the world’s top manufacturers. These relationships enable our team to meet customers’ needs at competitive prices.

Our support team is available at all times to help customers determine the best orifice fitting for their application. Please depend on us for your orifice fitting needs.


  • Small, lightweight component
  • Provides process flexibility and data collection
  • Offers flow control
  • Offers accurate timing in pneumatic and fluidic circuits
  • Allows for pressure dividing circuits
  • Creates pneumatic resistance bridges
  • Enables accurate throttling
  • Can meter very low flow rates

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