Reduce wear and tear on your fluid power system’s internal components with pneumatic lubricators from Coast Pneumatics.

Pneumatic lubricators inject aerosolized streams of oil into an air line, reducing friction between sliding surfaces of internal working components. Lubrication prolongs component durability and lifespan. In most applications, compressed air enters an inlet port and passes over a needle valve orifice attached to a pick-up tube. Pick-up tubes are submerged in reservoir bowls containing specified lubricating oils. Pneumatic lubricators emit the oil as an aerosol at an outlet port. Install pneumatic lubricators near the downstream application to ensure effective oil distribution.

Coast Pneumatics carries a wide variety of pneumatic lubricators from the world’s top manufacturers, who design their devices to deliver a constant ratio of oil-to-air flow for any application. Most units have zinc diecast bodies and a polycarbonate bowls. Stainless steel options are also available. Our pneumatic lubricators serve medical, aerospace, plumbing, automotive, industrial processing and food service industries. These partnerships enable our team to supply high-quality products to our customers at competitive prices.

Our customer service team values every customer, serving clients small and large from virtually every manufacturing sector, and is available at all hours to help find the right pneumatic lubricator for a process.

  • Injects aerosolized streams of oil into an air line
  • Reduces friction between sliding surfaces internal working components
  • Emits oil as an aerosol at an outlet port

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