In-Line Orifice Restrictor Kits

Maintain system integrity by controlling flow with in-line orifice restrictors from Coast Pneumatics.

In-line orifice restrictors are compact devices with precision-drilled holes that control flow streams, dropping pressure from upstream to downstream processes in pneumatic control circuits. They are installed directly onto a flow system and have barbed connectors on each end. Barbed fittings have continuous ridges on one or both ends that seals to the inside diameter of a hose.

Create a reliable method to produce a predictable, repeatable flow rate of liquid, gas or air at your process by choosing a specific diameter in-line orifice restrictor. Filtered orifice restrictors are available in 18 color-coded sizes, from 0.004" to 0.040". The orifices are molded with precision from polysulfone and can meet flow tolerances of +/- 4 percent.

Coast Pneumatics is committed to every customer. We serve clients small and large from virtually every manufacturing sector and seek to understand each customer’s needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions.

Our veteran customer relations team is available to help identify the best in-line orifice restrictor for your process and budget.


  • Installed directly onto a flow system
  • Have barbed connectors
  • Increase air or fluid velocity
  • Accurate throttling
  • Precisely meter flow

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