Humphrey Valves

Humphrey Products is a pneumatic component manufacturer that is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the company has been operating since 1901. Ever since starting in the field of gaslights, the company has moved on to produce a wide range of standardized pneumatic components for several industries.

Humphrey offers a wide range of different pneumatic valves with a variety of advantages over competing products. This includes three types of solenoid valves, mechanical valves, flow control valves, air piloted valves, manual valves, and more.

Since the company specializes in valves specifically, they offer some of the best ones on the market. Humphrey takes pride in the quality of their products, all of which are made in the USA and are rigorously inspected to ensure that they meet the company’s (and the customer’s) quality standards.

One of Humphrey’s main goals is to simplify the fluid control process for their customers, and their employees can work with you to find the solution that you need. This will result in a shorter development cycle, ensuring that their customers will be able to move forward far quicker.

With over 9000 different valves and pneumatic accessories available from Humphrey, there is a wide selection for customers to choose from. Impressively, Humphrey’s build quality remains consistent through the entirety of their build catalog, as the company has cultivated a reputation for making reliable components.

Humphrey’s Engineered Solutions division is what sets it apart from many other manufacturers in this field. While the company offers many standardized valves, these are sometimes not enough for in-depth projects. The Engineered Solutions group can design, develop, and produce custom designs for customers with specific needs.

The company’s Engineered Solutions division has over 25 years of experience working with customers and tending to their needs.

Humphrey’s products are used in a wide range of fields where quality is a necessity. For example, their valves are used in the medical field, as well as analytical instrumentation and even weaponry.

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