Get a better grasp on your process with a gripper from Coast Pneumatics.

A gripper is a pneumatic actuator with parallel- or angular-moving, double and triple tooling jaws, which mimic the movement of fingers. The jaws hold and release objects for further manipulation.

There are two main types of grippers: external and internal.  External grippers have tooling jaws that close around an object, while internal grippers hold objects from inside dimensions by opening tooling jaws outward from a central point. Grippers are common in a variety of industrial sectors, including robotics, package logistics, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, marine, medical, aerospace and industrial processing.

Grippers vary by opening size, tooling jaw force applied and jaw gripping surface shape. Consider the weight and dimensions of the part held by the gripper when researching options. The grip force must secure the object while an activity is being performed. Our highly experienced customer relations team is available to help identify the best gripper for your process and budget.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of grippers for industrial applications. Our team has developed partnerships with the world’s foremost gripper manufacturers, which enables our team to meet customers’ needs at competitive prices.

Factors to consider when buying a gripper

  • Part shape, orientation, and dimension
  • Adequate grip force is needed to hold an object while an activity is being performed
  • Internal grippers are ideal when work is performed on the object’s outside dimensions
  • External grippers are preferred when additional activities are performed on the object’s inside dimensions