Food & Beverage

When employees gather around the water cooler, they often discuss the results of last night’s game or the latest inner-office gossip. Rarely, if ever, do they question how the water entered the cooler or the mechanisms behind the button releasing the liquid into their cups.

At Coast Pneumatics, we love discussing pneumatic devices’ integral roles bringing food and beverages from farm to table. From weighing, sizing and sorting grains to packaging fillets, wings and thighs for transport to the supermarket, pneumatics is vital to the food and beverage industry. Surpass strict sanitation regulations with corrosion resistant cylinders, while miniature air pressure regulators offer highly accurate air pressure control for applications with limited space. Meet plumbing requirements with two-, three- and four-way directional control valves. Pneumatic fittings suitable for corrosive environments are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Increase production and curb maintenance costs and downtime by adding high-quality pneumatic devices from Coast Pneumatics to your application. Our customer service team is available around the clock for assistance. We are proud of our reputation for fast response times and superior knowledge of the products we sell.

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