Electric Actuators

Move or control your system with the utmost precision using an electric actuator from Coast Pneumatics.

Electric actuators produce mechanical motion from torque generated by electrical energy. Integration of electric actuators offers programmable controls, which makes process integration simpler. The two most common types of electric actuators generate linear or rotary movements.

Electric actuators offer smooth and repeatable precision control movement with limited noise and maintenance. Powered by electrical current, these actuators require little upkeep and generally do not need lubrication. With no excess oil, electric actuators are clean and environmentally friendly.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of electric actuators and has developed partnerships with the world’s foremost actuator manufacturers. These relationships enable our team to meet customer requirements at affordable prices.

We value customer relationships above all else. Pairing a client with the right electric actuator is a collaborative process, and clear communication enables our team to meet to each client’s needs.

Our experienced customer service staff is available to help you select the best electric actuator for your application.


  • Electric actuators are precise, consistent and reliable.
  • Electric actuators are simple, clean and energy efficient
  • Minimal to no parts replacement or lubrication needed
  • Electric energy power means no chance of fluid leaks or environmental hazards.