Copper Tubing

Resist corrosion when transporting fluids with copper tubing from Coast Pneumatics.

Copper tubing is easy to install and naturally rust prohibitive while offering excellent thermal conductivity, making it a superior choice for domestic water, air conditioning and refrigeration, medical gas and vacuum, irrigation, fire sprinkler and natural gas service applications.

Numerous industries prefer copper for its naturally rust-resistant properties, which increase longevity and reduce maintenance costs. Copper tubing never requires corrosion-protectant paint, and a thin film formed inside each tube provides additional safeguards.  This allows for low maintenance, further reducing costs.

There are two basic types of copper tubing: soft and rigid. Soft copper tubing is bendable, allowing for travel around fixed objects. Soft copper tubing is common for air conditioning and heating system refrigerant lines. Rigid copper tubing is hardened and inflexible, and it is most often used to transport water.

Copper tubing is available in many sizes and wall thicknesses. Find the right copper tubing for your application with assistance from Coast Pneumatics’ expert customer service team.

We value customer relationships above all else. Pairing a client with the correct type of copper tubing is a collaborative process, and clear communication enables our team to meet each customer’s needs.


  • Copper tubing’s workability can cut installation time and reduce labor cost
  • Copper tubing offers high thermal conductivity, benefiting processes involving heat transfer
  • Copper is corrosion resistant

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