Barbed Orifice Restrictors

Maintain optimum flow control at your application with a barbed orifice restrictor from Coast Pneumatics.

Barbed orifice restrictors are compact devices with precision-drilled holes and barbed connectors that block flow streams, dropping pressure from upstream to downstream processes in pneumatic control circuits. The surface area of the orifice determines the flow rate at the outlet of a given process. Obtain additional security with the barbed fitting, which has continuous ridges on one or both ends

Create a reliable method to produce a predictable, repeatable flow rate of liquid, gas or air at your process by choosing a specific diameter barbed orifice restrictor. Barbed orifice restrictors are available in eleven color-coded sizes from 0.004" to 0.040". The orifices are molded of polysulfone and are held to flow tolerances of +/- 4 percent.

Our support team is available at all times to help customers determine the best type of barbed orifice restrictor for their application. Please depend on us for your barbed orifice restrictor needs.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of barbed orifice restrictors and has developed partnerships with the world’s foremost manufacturers. These relationships enable our team to meet customers’ needs at competitive prices.


  • Barbed fittings have continuous ridges on one or both ends that seals to the inside diameter of a hose
  • Reduce flow
  • Increase air or fluid velocity
  • Accurate throttling
  • Precisely meter flow

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