Air Regulators

Control your fluid power application’s pressure accurately using precision air line regulators from Coast Pneumatics.

Air line regulators standardize supply pressure to a set level for optimum operation of downstream pneumatic equipment. The devices provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for even the most demanding industrial air-preparation applications.

Air line regulators bolster equipment efficiency by supplying air to actuators at a steady, constant pressure, which reduces the amount of wasted air. Operating actuators at lower pressures increases workplace safety. Lower operating expenses at your facility with air line regulators, which can increase the longevity of fluid power system components by reducing wear rates from pressures that exceed manufacturers’ recommendations. We supply air line regulars to medical, laboratory, aerospace, packaging and pick-and-place industries.

Coast Pneumatics carries air line regulators built to the utmost quality standards by manufacturers reputed for strong durability and performance. They are available with 10/32 ports to 3/4 ports with standard and metric connections. Standard adjustable pressure range is usually 1 to 145 PSI, while others come preset to a specific pressure or ordered for an identified pressure range. Standard option actuators come with pressure adjustment knobs. Prevent critical component tampering using regulators with screwdriver slots for adjustability.

Find the right air line regulator for your process with assistance from our customer service team, which is available at all hours. We seek to understand each consumer's needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions.

Air Regulator Features

  • Regulate supply pressure to a set level
  • Increases operating efficiency
  • Extend power system component lifespans
  • Increases workplace safety