Air Cylinders

Get accurate, controlled movement repeatedly with an air cylinder from Coast Pneumatics.

Air cylinders use air pressure to push a piston, which produces a reciprocating, linear motion. An increase in pressure moves the piston, which then uses the force from the compressed air to move an object. Air cylinders are valuable assets to many manufacturing sectors and are commonly used to open and close doors, remove items from conveyor belts and move merchandise.

Coast Pneumatics is a leading supplier of air cylinders for industrial applications. We offer single- and double-acting air cylinders. Double-action air cylinders require air pressure to return and extend the piston. Single-action air cylinders, however, return the piston to its start point using an internal spring.

Our experienced staff is available to help you select the best air cylinder for your application. We are proud of our reputation for fast, accurate delivery of the products you need.

Pneumatic Air Cylinder Features

  • Air cylinders are offered in a variety of bore sizes, stroke sizes and mounting styles for easy installation
  • The transfer of power and speed is easy to set up
  • Simple installation
  • Single- and double-action air cylinders are available