22mm Pilot Devices

Our 22mm NEMA pilot devices feature the perfect range of configurations to meet your needs.  Coast Pneumatics’ 22mm pilot devices are designed for easy installation and guaranteed exceptional performance. Their distinct functionality ensures optimal performance and safety in the most demanding applications.

All of our pilot devices are UL listed, making them suitable for use anywhere in the world. With 4/4X and IP65 ratings, our 22mm NEMA line of pilot devices are built to last and withstand dust, corrosion, ice, and rain. Whether you need the 22mm for a push button, pilot light, or selector switch, we have you covered:


  • Available in maintained and momentary, in both illuminated and non-illuminated
  • Resistor, transformer, and full voltage light units in various ranges of voltages
  • Available with neon, LED, or incandescent lamps with leakage protection


  • Available in full voltage, transformer, resistor, and dual-input
  • Wide variety of lamp types and colors


  • Available in non-illuminated and keyed
  • Single cam design ensures 100% cam selection configuration accuracy
  • Master, Extra, and Replacement keys available for standard keyed selector switches

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