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Electronic Pneumatic Regulators

Electronic Pneumatic Regulators

  Electronic Pneumatic Regulators  
Series ITV2000

Stepless control of air pressure in proportion to an electric signal.
Bright and easy to read LED display.

Air consumption is near zero L/min (ANR) at desired set pressure (balanced condition.) Zero and span adjustment is possible with no air pressure.

Working Principles

When the input signal rises, the air supply solenoid valve turns ON, and the exhaust solenoid valve turns OFF. Therefore, supply pressure passes through the air supply solenoid valve and is applied to the pilot chamber. The pressure in the pilot chamber increases and operates on the upper surface of the diaphragm.

As a result, the air supply valve linked to the diaphragm opens, and a portion of the supply pressure becomes output pressure. This output pressure feeds back to the control circuit via the pressure sensor. Here, a correct operation functions until the output pressure is proportional to the input signal, making it possible to always obtain output pressure proportional to the input signal.


Tapped exhaust port • Gauge Port as standard • IP65 protection standard • Bright and easy to read LED display • 4 input current/voltage range options • 2 pressure output options: 0 - 15psi and 0 - 120psi • 1 vacuum output options: 10mmHg - 60mmHg1 • Plug-in wiring with removable cable, (right angle plug.)

  Order Info:  
Pressure Output
0 - 15psi 4 - 20ma $395.00
0 - 120psi 4 - 20ma $395.00
10 - 600mmHg 4 - 20ma $395.00
0 - 15psi 0 - 5VDC $395.00
0 - 120psi 0 - 5VDC $395.00
10 - 600mmHg 0 - 5VDC $395.00